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The news service for industrial Australia

Australian Projects reports on major private and public projects and infrastructure development in Australia and New Zealand spanning construction, energy, mining, manufacturing, and transport.

You have limited time, Australian Projects is a cost effective way to stay across the progress of emerging and significant opportunities. Our Service will assist you to prioritise opportunities to be pursued.

KHA Australian Projects delivers strategic and tactical information to senior management in construction, engineering, services, and financial organisations.

Each edition reports on the latest significant changes and forward plans for a project. We only report on projects undergoing change, rather than all projects announced. Changes being tracked include companies and projects that have raised money, forward plans, and significant personnel changes.

We also track the performance of the players and service providers operating in the region.

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Issue 746, 08 July 2024

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The next edition is scheduled for 19 July 2024.

Australian Projects Reader Information:

An annual subscription to Australian Projects includes at least 33 issues.

Australian Projects is produced on a 10 day rolling deadline, generally on the 10th, 20th, & 30th of the month.

The information is timely and actionable, without overloading you with a constant deluge of interruptions.

We value our subscribers privacy and security, so rather than having to visit a website for your news, Australian Projects is delivered as an email attachment.

Australian Projects is delivered in a format that allows Subscribers to access and utilise the information in whatever manner they choose.

Over time the editions of Australian Projects you receive build into a substantial and very valuable private resource on projects, companies, and senior management figures.

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